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How One Childcare Worker Took ARPA Funds Into Her Own Hands to Win Grants for Home-Based Providers

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In preparation for a September council meeting, the Concord City Council made tenative plans to distribute grants to local small businesses impacted by the pandemic, where home-based businesses wouldn’t have been eligible to apply for grants. Benu Chhabra and other local childcare providers advocated and successfully lobbied for an exception to be made for home-based family childcare centers.

Florida Rising Fights for Long Term Housing Solutions Using ARPA Funds

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A rent stabilization initiative on the ballot in Orange County, Florida in the upcoming Midterm election could help make a big difference in housing affordability. The ballot initiative would keep people housed while Florida Rising and lawmakers work together to use the county’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the American Rescue Plan to provide longer term solutions like renter protections, landlord accountability and a comprehensive renters’ bill of rights.

Louisianans Come Together to Call for ARP-Funded Equitable Recovery Plan

2022-08-11T16:54:53-04:00Geography: | Issues: , , , , , , , |Funding goal: $1,346,000,000|

The Louisiana Budget Project brought together 17 organizations to draft and promote a Recovery Agenda for Louisiana in advance of the state’s budget session. The budget creates the potential for even greater future investments in an equitable recovery.

The Unlikely Coalition that Won $20 Million of ARP Funds for Affordable Housing in Maine

2022-08-11T16:53:34-04:00Geography: | Issues: |Funding goal: $100,000,000|

Labor, climate, and housing organizers in Maine came together to secure $20 million in ARPA funds for affordable housing that were — for the first time ever — qualified with higher energy efficiency and labor standards. While mistakes were made when the proposal moved from the original legislation into the budget, the coalition continued advocating through the rulemaking process and ultimately passed an amended version of the original bill.

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