Missouri ARP Funds Allocation Map


A map tracking ARP funds allocation amounts and community input processes for counties and cities across Missouri.

Missouri ARP Funds Allocation Map2022-08-15T14:59:28-04:00

National Conference of State Legislatures Tracker


The information in this database was collected through legislation and executive orders. Where appropriate, news releases and media articles were used to supplement details on the specific use of funds. This database does not include proposals.

Focuses on states and territories. Allows users to focus on selected states and types of spending. Includes links to relevant legislation or executive orders.

National Conference of State Legislatures Tracker2022-07-27T22:26:11-04:00

CBPP Tracker: Fiscal Recovery Fund Spending by States, U.S. Territories


Many states and territories have appropriated a substantial share of their Fiscal Recovery Funds. These interactives present information on their allocation of the funds, including investments that enhance equity.

CBPP Tracker: Fiscal Recovery Fund Spending by States, U.S. Territories2022-07-27T22:26:04-04:00

Local Government ARPA Investment Tracker


The Local Government ARPA Investment Tracker is an online resource that compiles information from local governments to offer a detailed picture of how large cities and counties (with populations of at least 250,000) are deploying the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund dollars.

Local Government ARPA Investment Tracker2022-07-27T22:25:59-04:00

COVID-19: Local Action Tracker


Created by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the National League of Cities. Has information from all sorts of local governments, gathered from public news sites and direct submissions from governments. Has ARPA information as well as data from 2020 COVID legislation. Because the data is often just a news story, follow-up is necessary to verify information. This tracker stopped collecting new information in February 2022, and will not be updated.

COVID-19: Local Action Tracker2022-07-27T22:26:20-04:00
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